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  • Simple details on configurable products
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Who are we?

We are a small company located in The Netherlands and “We just love Magento!”. We really do but we know magento is sometimes limited in flexibility. We are currently selling 2 modules. SDOCP (simple details configurable producs) and Heldpesk Support Tickets & Knoweledgebase. Below are some details on both modules. If you want to know more please take a look on our product pages. You can also find the manual and demo systems through the product pages.


What does SDOCP do?

SDOCP stands for “simple details on configurable products”. The name says it all. This magento module will allow you to have flexibility on which simple product information you want to show on configurable products. You can change the configuration for all products or specify per configurable product what needs to show. In addition you can select a default simple product per configurable product that will show on the first load of the category listing page and the product page. For example by default show the simple product image, name, pre select the color (attribute). This way you could even ignore all configurable product details which means less maintenance and less clicks for your customers. You can show out of stock products which will work with the magento default backorder functionality. The module also works great with the default magento wishlist functionality.

What does Helpdesk Support Tickets & Knowledgebase do?

Helpdesk Support Tickets & Knowledgebase is a Magento support ticket extension with a build in knowledgebase. Handle sales or support questions through tickets and provide answers to frequently asked questions before even submitting a ticket. Helpdesk Support Tickets & Knowledgebase allows you to record customer information and manage their questions or issues from start to finish. The knowledgebase allows customers to see frequently asked questions by category trough the extension knowledgebase system. Users can go through the different categories or do a search through the search field. Different store views are supported so you can assign your categories or articles to different stores (very useful if you have a multi-language Magento web shop)